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We – Tower Tickets – are a small Berlin-based startup which focuses on exciting trips around the world. Every year, about 1,3 billion people decide to explore the world. For sure they do – the world is so beautiful and rich in experiences. We love the idea of exploring new countries and cities and like to make your journey a little bit better.

But how do we do that? We are continually researching, which countries and cities on our globe are popular and where people would like to stay. Every city has its secret spots and cool attractions you don’t want to miss. So our job is it, to find those pearls in the urban chaos and introduce them to you.

Tower-Tickets.com’s specialty:

We found out, that people really love it to explore cities from above. Hence, Tower Tickets make it one’s business to give you the best advice on how to explore cities from above. Many towns like Dubai, New York and Kuala Lumpur grant its visitors the access of tall buildings.
These tourist attractions are highly popular and people love to visit them. We’re introducing the best tickets to visit those high towers and other attractions that reach the sky.

Which tower do you like to visit?

We are happy to assist you with your stay in exciting cities around the world. Just send us an email and we’ll start researching your dream destination for exclusive and high spots: info@tower-tickets.com

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