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See the City From the Top with Berlin TV Tower Tickets

The Berlin TV Tower is an iconic attraction in the capital of Germany that tourists can enjoy with different ticket options. Entry Berlin TV Tower Tickets will get you into the building that holds a restaurant, observation deck, and a bar that promises wondrous adventures. Get to the deck and experience an almost surreal sight of the Berlin skyline. With an eatery and pub so close, you can make your visit as inclusive as you wish.

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Different Types of Berlin TV Tower Tickets

With the many tourists that visit the Berlin TV Tower, it is practical to have varying ticket alternatives. Some visitors will want to stop by the restaurant on the way up or have dinner after visiting the observation deck. The different Berlin TV Tower Tickets cater to such requirements. Tourists can even get tickets with discount offers where they save up to 50% on entrance fees. The following are common ticket options when planning a visit to the tallest tower in Germany.

  • Aussicht des Berliner Fernsehturms

    Berlin TV Tower: Fast Track Ticket

    • From $ 28.67, Duration: 45 minutes
    • Fast track entrance to the TV Tower

    Ticket holders get to skip the long lines for which the TV Tower is famous. Ride to the top and marvel at the incredible views of the city sprawling down below. Tourists can see various Berlin locations from the tower such as the Berlin Cathedral, Reichstag, and Olympic Stadium. Children under four can enter for free. This fast track ticket has a scheduled entrance time to which you must adhere. You can stop by the Sphere restaurant for drinks although they are not part of the ticket.

  • Abendessen im Berliner Fernsehturm

    © Restaurant Sphere (c) Ydo Sol Images / Pixabay.com

    Berlin TV Tower:Fast Track Ticket & 3-Course Menu

    • From $ 119.02, Duration: 1.5 hours
    • Fast track entrance to the TV Tower
    • Table reservation in the restaurant (window seat)
    • 3-course menu incl. water and wine

    For tourists who want premium treatment when visiting the Berlin TV Tower, this is the ticket to get. It offers a VIP entrance, allowing you to avoid the administration desk at the tower. The 3-course meal comes with unlimited mineral water. At the end of the meal, you can have a hot drink. With a seat at the restaurant window, you can enjoy the spectacular views of Berlin as you dine. Smart casual is the dress code for the restaurant.

  • Frühstück im Berliner Frühstück

    © Restaurant Sphere (c) Ydo Sol Images

    Berlin TV Tower:Fast Track Ticket & Breakfast

    • From $ 43.28, Duration: 1.5 hours
    • Fast track entrance to the TV Tower
    • Table reservation in the restaurant (window seat)
    • Outstanding breakfast

    Start your day with a unique breakfast at the top of the Berlin TV Tower. While you take your rich breakfast, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the city, which is waking up so slowly. You have the choice between a classic and vegan breakfast. The classic breakfast includes fresh rolls, fruit, smoked salmon, cheese, and sausage variations, as well as jams and smoothies. Vegans can expect a breakfast consisting of rolls, fresh spreads (avocado, hummus), tomatoes, peppers, soy yogurt, smoothies, coffee, and more.

    In addition, this ticket includes a "skip-the-line" ticket, which allows you to access the observation deck of the TV Tower without waiting. A perfect start to the day, right?

  • Fensterplatz im Berliner Fernsehturm

    © Restaurant Sphere (c) Ydo Sol Images

    Berlin TV Tower: Fast Track Ticket & Restaurant Window Seat

    • From $ 29.75, Duration: 1.5 hours
    • Skip-the-line entrance at the Berlin TV Tower
    • Table reservation at the restaurant (window seat)

    This alternative gets you VIP entrance into the Berlin TV Tower. You avoid the stress of waiting in line, especially during busy tourist seasons. Visitors get the advantage of a window seat at the restaurant, allowing stunning views of the panorama. The ticket gets you to the top of the 200-meter-high tower where you get to see other interesting attractions around the capital, including the Olympic Stadium, Brandenburg Gate, and Potsdamer Platz.

  • Kaffe und Kuchen im Berliner Fernsehturm

    © Restaurant Sphere (c) Ydo Sol Images / Pixabay.com

    Berlin TV Tower:Fast Track Ticket with Coffee & Cake

    • From $ 48.69, Duration: 1.5 hours
    • Skip-the-line entrance at the Berlin TV Tower
    • Table reservation at the restaurant (window seat)
    • Incl. sandwich, chocolate muffin, and coffee/tea

    The right ticket for visitors who want something special: First you can bypass the queue, then after visiting the observation deck, not only a spectacular view of Berlin awaits you at the reserved window seat, but also a snack. The perfect break during a sightseeing tour through Berlin.

  • Berlin Welcome Card

    Berlin WelcomeCard (save up to 50% for TV Tower)

    • From $ 33.54
    • Pocket guidebooks in English and German
    • Public transport in zones Berlin AB and Berlin ABC
    • Discounted fees at over 200 attractions

    Tourists can buy a Berlin WelcomeCard that is valid for 48 hours to 6 days. Public transport in certain fare zones and discounts at selected attractions saves money. You can visit areas such as AquaDom & Sealife Berlin, Anne Frank Center, and German Opera. With a WelcomeCard, you can travel with up to three children for free (ages 6 – 14). The pocket guidebooks offer tips about getting around Berlin and suggestions for what to see.

FAQs about the TV Tower in Berlin

Buying Berlin Tower Tickets online is convenient because it saves time. Online ticketing websites are accessible from any device, and that offers great flexibility. You can book tickets from your couch or office and at any time. It simplifies the planning process considerably. Even when several people are going for the tour, you can schedule the trip without too much trouble. You can get your Berlin TV Tower Tickets early even when you are not in Berlin. Doing this saves visitors the hassle of queueing at the entrance.
The ease with which you can look for information about a particular ticket is another huge plus point. Online ticket websites have all the details on one platform where customers can reach them in a few steps. For example, if you wanted to clarify for how long the Sphere will hold your window seat, that information is readily available. Buyers also have an easier time comparing ticket options.
Entry fees into the Tower start from €24, with the ticket providing, accelerated service at the entrance.
The Berlin Television Tower is one of the country’s most visited attractions and for a good reason. At the height of 203 meters, the observation deck offers views of Berlin like nowhere else. The German capital has fascinating sights that you may not have time to see up close. A ride to the tower allows you to see iconic Berlin attractions as if in a miniature park.
Spot the Berlin Cathedral the Olympic Stadium and Victory Column at Tiergarten Park. Use the telescopes to pick out specific buildings. On a clear day, viewers can see as far as 60Km from the deck. The revolving restaurant, Sphere, is another enticement to buy a Berlin TV Tower Ticket. Dine on delicious international cuisine as you enjoy captivating sceneries. The Panorama bar on the observation deck is a nice way to end a tour of the tower.
Yes, tourists have a lot more to see in the vicinity of the TV Tower. The Reichstag is one of the must-visit attractions in the area. It is home to the German parliament and it played critical roles throughout different periods in the country’s history. The building has an iconic glass dome and a lot of stories to tell. Madame Tussauds is another stop you can make when in the German capital. Catch some of the biggest global stars in fashion, music, and history as wax figures.
See the Brandenburg Gate, make your way to Museum Island, or the Berlin Central Station to experience the wonder that is Berlin. A WelcomeCard or other combination ticket provides an opportunity to visit different attractions when you are planning a tour of the TV Tower. Individual tickets are readily available if you prefer to visit specific attractions.
The entire Berlin TV Tower measures 368 meters in height with the observation deck at 203 m and the restaurant 4m above it. At this height, the tower is Germany’s tallest building and the highest in Europe that opens to the public. It takes about 6 minutes for the elevator to ride to the deck.
Sphere Restaurant im Berliner Fernsehturm
© Restaurant Sphere (c) Ydo Sol Images

Additional Information about the Berlin TV Tower

The TV Tower opened in 1969 after only four years of construction. Originally, it was a symbol of East German’s superiority, which is why the inauguration was on the region’s 20th anniversary. Hermann Henselmann designed the building with the help of several other top architects. The tower is near Alexanderplatz in Berlin-Mitte. Standing at 368 meters with the antenna, it is the third tallest building in the EU and the tallest in Germany. After the East and West reunited, the tower became an iconic part of the capital city.

Due to its design, the TV Tower is a prominent sight, and that contributed to its symbolism of Berlin and Germany. Whether it’s in films or postcards, a shot of the TV Tower is a recognizable representation of Berlin. The Fernsehturm received monument status in 1979 by the GDR. During the few years after its inauguration, the tower received about 4.2 million visitors annually.

Berliner Fernsehturm
© shutterstock.com

What is its Purpose?

Fernsehturm houses several radio and television stations. The second state channel for GDR DFF 2, launched with the inauguration of the tower. After the reunification of German, there was a proposal to demolish the building, but the Federal Republic of Germany went against it. Deutsche Telekom got the contract to operate the structure and invested over 50 million Marks on renovations. Some of the stations that broadcast from the tower include Berlin 1 &2, Star FM, and Disney Channel Germany.

Besides the radio station, the building has an observation deck set at 203m, which is the main attraction. Tourists from all over visit the place for the 360-view of the city it offers. The revolving Sphere Restaurant and the bar on the observation deck floor are popular hangouts for tourists for the unique ambiance that they provide.

A Few Facts

When the sun hits the dome of the Berlin TV Tower, the reflection is in the form of a cross. According to Berliners, this is the ‘Pope’s Revenge’ (Rache Des Papstes).

The Berlin TV Tower permits visually impaired visitors to have their guide dogs in the building.

The TV Tower is part of the Berlin skyline and a must-visit if you wish to see the capital in all its majesty. Find Berlin TV Tower Tickets that suit your budget and itinerary.

Opening Hours and Directions

Opening Hours

9:00 - 0:00
9:00 - 0:00
9:00 - 0:00
9:00 - 0:00
9:00 - 0:00
9:00 - 0:00
9:00 - 0:00

May vary on public holidays/festivals. From November to February, opening hours are one hour shorter (10.00 to 23.00).


Arrival by underground/subway
The S+U Alexanderplatz Bhf station is only a few minutes walk from the Berlin TV Tower. You can reach the station either with the U2 and U8 underground trains or the S-Bahn lines S7 and S9.

Panoramastraße 1A, 10178 Berlin


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