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Attractions and Sights in Berlin

The Iconic TV Tower in Berlin

Enjoy breathtaking views of the capital from Germany’s most famous landmark.

City Unveiled: Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tours in Berlin

Discover Berlin’s sights at your own pace with Hop-On Hop-Off bus tours, making every stop an adventure.

Sail the Scenic Spree: Boat Trips in Berlin

Explore Berlin’s charm from the water with enchanting boat trips, turning every cruise into a captivating experience.

Embrace the Spotlight: Berlin City Tours for Every Explorer

Delve into Berlin’s richness with guided city tours, crafted to showcase the heartbeat of the capital.

Journey into Culture: The Best Museums in Berlin

Immerse yourself in Berlin’s artistic treasures with a tour of the finest museums, unveiling history and creativity.

Savor Berlin: Culinary Highlights Not to Miss

Embark on a gastronomic adventure through Berlin’s culinary scene, exploring flavors that define the city.

Berlin’s Hidden Gems: Insider Tips Beyond the Mainstream

Unearth the lesser-known delights of Berlin with our insider tips, offering unique experiences far from the ordinary.

Free things to do in Berlin

Berlin is full of sights and attractions. Of course, due to their popularity, they often come at a price. But there are also many great things to do in Berlin that you don’t have to spend a single cent on. Discover free experiences in Berlin here that are definitely worthwhile and will make your trip unique.

  • At Bike Surf, you can rent a bike for free and explore the capital for yourself.
  • Every Sunday there is a big flea market in Mauerpark as well as a karaoke show and many other great performances to watch!
  • Stroll along the East Side Gallery and marvel at the artwork of global artists.
  • Sandeman’s New Berlin Tour offers free city tours of Berlin. At the end of the tour, everyone can drop off a small donation if they enjoyed the tour.
  • Visit the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (also called the Holocaust Memorial). It is one of the most important and impressive sights in Berlin.
  • For all music fans: every Thursday at 1 pm there is a free student concert at the Hochschule für Musik.
  • On Tempelhofer Feld (former Tempelhof Airport) you can really let off steam on the former runway. Go skating, jogging, inline skating, etc. here.
  • On warm weekends, the Preußenpark transforms into an Asian street food market – the Thaiwiese.
Berlin WelcomeCard

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Berlin – Germany’s hippest city?

Germany’s capital attracts thousands of visitors every year. The multicultural city with almost 4 million inhabitants is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Hardly any other city is as diverse, multicultural, trendy, and fast-paced as Berlin. And not without reason; there is an incredible amount to experience here! A few days is not enough to see everything in Berlin. That’s why it’s worth traveling to Germany’s capital a second time.

Experience Berlin’s history

Berlin’s cityscape still shows traces of the past – of war and dictatorship. This past can still be explored in many places today. For example, at Checkpoint Charlie, Berliner Tor, the Berlin Wall Memorial, Karl-Marx-Allee, and in the Nikolai Quarter.

Berlin nightlife

There is always something going on in Berlin – whether in the morning, in the evening, or at night. Since there is no exclusion zone in Berlin, people often party all night and all day long. Many partygoers even travel from all over the world to experience Berlin’s nightlife. The Berghain, for example, is particularly famous. Here, people party all weekend long – you rarely leave the club when it’s still dark.

Berlin’s food paradise

When you travel to Berlin, eating currywurst and kebab is a must. Where to get the best currywurst? It’s best to find out for yourself. But we can recommend Curry 36 on Mehringdamm and Curry 61 (our insider tip!) on Hackescher Markt! By the way: the numbers stand for the respective city area in which the currywurst stand is located, to provide some orientation between the many stalls.
One of the most popular kebabs is definitely Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebab on Mehringdamm. But plan enough time for this – the queue can sometimes keep you waiting over an hour. But of course, the Berliners have found a solution for that too: right next to the “Dönerstand” is a Späti, which will provide you with a cool beer. Spätis, by the way, is a Berlin specialty that provides cool drinks and small snacks around the clock.
For those who like to feast, we can only recommend the food department in KaDeWe! There are many delicacies from all over the world. KaDeWe (Kaufhaus des Westens) is the largest department store on the European continent and has been attracting many visitors since 1907. Don’t wait any longer – start exploring and have a good trip!