Harry Potter Tour in London

Step into a Magical World with the Harry Potter Tour in London

A Harry Potter Tour in London is the ultimate experience for any lover of the globally acclaimed Harry Potter films. Harry Potter Tours in London takes visitors to some of the most iconic places from the movies, including Platform 9 ¾, the Leadenhall Market, the Leaky Cauldron, and much more. This guide looks at the available ticket options and why a Harry Potter Tour London is worth your time.

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The best Tickets for a Harry Potter Tour in London

Visitors have more than one choice when it comes to picking a Harry Potter Tour London ticket. Guided tours provide an opportunity to see beautiful locations while offering insightful information about the making of the films. At the Warner Bros studios, tourists can discover the elaborate costumes in the movies. The different ticket packages allow you to pick a tour that suits your budget and time. If you prefer a ticket that includes transfers, several are available. Here are a few popular options.

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    Harry Potter Walking Tour in London

    Magical London: Harry Potter Guided Walking Tour

    • from £ 20, duration: 2,5 hours
    • A guided walking tour across London
    • Sorting into the Hogwarts Houses
    • A point-based Harry Potter quiz

    This magical tour takes visitors around some of the famous places in London. Besides the locations of Harry Potter’s scenes, you get to see Southwark Cathedral, River Thames, and Winchester Palace. The ticket doesn’t include a visit to Warner Bros Studios. However, a stop at Warner Bros. shop offers a good chance to buy some souvenirs. The tour also includes a visit to platform 9¾ (King’s Cross Station) where the Hogwarts Express took off.

  • Harry Potter Tour in London

    Harry Potter Filming Locations Tours

    • From £ 30, Duration: 3 hours
    • Walking tour of Harry Potter locations in London
    • A live guide in English
    • A VOX headset

    From the Leaky Cauldron to Diagon Alley, the tour explores several key locations in the Harry Potter movies. Tourists get to hear how some of these locations offered inspiration for the author, J. K Rowling. As you enjoy the Harry Potter-themed walk, stop at some of London’s central attractions such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, and Sir Francis Drake’s world-famous Golden Hinde.

  • Harry Potter Bus Tour in London

    Harry Potter Bus Tour

    • From £ 32.50, Duration: 3.5 hours
    • Transporting air-conditioned luxury mini-coach
    • Tour of famous Harry Potter locations
    • Professional guide

    The guide provides fascinating facts about the film locations to make the tour livelier. With comfortable and efficient transportation, tourists don’t have to use public means. The tour walks you in the footsteps of Harry, Hermione, and Ron as they encounter different adventures. Tourists get to catch a glimpse of the entrance of the Ministry of Magic (Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix). The trip blends in locations from the movies and real places in London.

  • Harry Potter Studios

    Harry Potter Studio Tour

    • From £ 115, Duration: 7.5 hours
    • Entrance ticket
    • Round-trip transport from London
    • Tour of major film sets

    The bus picks you up in Central London and takes you to the Harry Potter Studios. Tour some of the top locations in Harry Potter Diagon Alley as you engage in fun trivia about the films. Visitors also get a full Hogwarts Express experience at Platform 9 ¾ where they can pose with a luggage trolley and buy train-themed souvenirs.

FAQS about Harry Potter Tours in London

The Harry Potter Tour in London is a popular activity for tourists in the British Capital. For this reason, sold-out tours are quite common, particularly during peak tourist season. Purchasing the Harry Potter Tour London Tickets online ensures that you can do it on time. You can reserve ticket weekends in advance, depending on availability. Buying tickets early can offer great price savings. You can capitalize on early bird deals and avoid the inflated costs of last-minute tickets.

Tourists can buy online tickets for Harry Potter Tours from anywhere in the world. The ability to log onto ticket websites from different devices increases convenience. Buyers don’t have to be on an office desktop to find tickets. This advantage allows you to schedule your trip without wasting time or energy. When planning a family or group tour, online tickets eliminate most of the planning stress. As long as the buyer knows which tickets are suitable, it takes only a few minutes to get them. There is no waiting for a vendor at a physical booth to print out ten tickets for the entire group.

All the details are available in one place, which makes it easier to find something suitable for everyone. If transfers are necessary, you can confirm the transport arrangements before arriving for your tour. The easily accessible ticket information reduces booking mistakes and confusion for buyers. A ticket vendor can also have testimonials on the platform, which are excellent sources when trying to choose a Harry Potter tour ticket.
A Harry Potter Tour in London provides lifetime memories that any lover of fantasy movies will cherish. It took ten years to make all the Harry Potter movies, and the Warner Bros Studios at Leavesden saw most of the actions. A Harry Potter-themed tour will take you to some interesting places like platform 93/4 where the Hogwarts Express stopped. Depending on the ticket, you can take photos while posing on the platform.

Studio visitors can walk down Diagon Alley, which houses several important locations in the movies such as Mr. Mulpepper’s Apothecary, Flourish & Blotts, and Gringotts Bank. A guided walking tour of the studios is a chance to understand where the inspiration came from for all the meticulous details in the films. Listen to the guide give out some little-known facts about the locations and the making of Harry Potter.
The Harry Potter Tour London tickets determine the length of the trip. Usually, it takes about one to three hours. Note that the more sights included in the tour, the longer it takes. Confirm the details of the tour when purchasing a ticket.
The Filming Locations Tour is one of the top ticket options for a tourist. With this tour, tourists get to immerse themselves in the enchanting discovery of some iconic locations. Walk the streets and visit places where the world’s most famous fictional wizard frequented. The ticket includes a live guide who will point out some of the locations of vital scenes in the movies.

Besides seeing places that Harry Potter visited, ticket holders get an adventurous tour of the capital. The guided walk will land you in some prominent attractions in London. Get to see the London Eye, marvel at the River Thames, and walk across the Millennium Bridge. Combining fictional and real attractions provide an extraordinary experience. Explore the city and see what makes it so vibrant. Of course, a tour of London did not happen if you don’t have pictures to prove it. Stop for photographs at various locations.
Harry Potter Touren in London
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Additional Information on the Harry Potter Tour

Harry Potter is a film series based on the books b J.K Rowling that consists of eight features. The first in the series is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, released in 2001. It took ten years for the series to conclude in 2011 with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Part 2. The story of Harry Potter follows a young wizard as he fights various enemies in the magical world, largely Lord Voldemort. With the help of his friends, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, Harry discovered what he can do and how to use his powers.

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson played the roles of Harry, Ron, and Hermione respectively. The first movie released to critical acclaim and impressive commercial success, which set the pace for the rest of the series. Originally, the then chosen director Steven Spielberg wanted the films to be animations. However, he left the series, and the project recruited other directors. Chris Columbus, Mike Newell, Alfonso Cuaron, and David Yates are the four directors who handled different parts of the project. Five of the films in the Harry Potter franchise are on the list of the 50 highest-grossing movies of all time.

Harry Potter Studios in London
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The Harry Potter Studios

Production for the films began in September 2000 at the Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire. One of the first sets for the movies was the Great Hall, which is one of the key locations. Most of the sets in the films were inspirations from areas around London and the UK. The Hall of Christ Church in Oxford, for example, was the inspiration for the Great Hall. Many of the props used in the movies survived the production and are now part of the exhibitions at the Harry Potter set.

The team responsible for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour wanted to have original items from the movies that people could connect with during tours. The Studio Tour opened in March 2012. It includes various recognizable locations in the movie. Visitors get the chance to see the costumes that their favorite characters wore. You can walk around the massive Great Hall, which sat about 400 children. Visitors also get to enjoy a display of stunning special effects used in the movies. If you saw the Harry Potter films or even read the books, then the Harry Potter tour of London is a must-see.

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