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Palace of Versailles: Tickets, Tours & Prices

Experience one of the largest palaces in the world and a fine example of French architecture, the Palace of Versailles. A landmark steeped in history, the Palace of Versailles is home to hidden treasures, incredible murals, manicured gardens, and much more! The Palace of Versailles promises a culture-rich day trip from Paris, with our tickets and tours ensuring the best experience. Whether you’d like to explore the Palace of Versailles with a standard ticket or as part of a combined package, we have the perfect option for you!  

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All Palace of Versailles tickets at a glance

We’ve got everything you need to plan an unforgettable trip to the Palace of Versailles, with tickets and tours that promise a magical experience. To help you choose the right option for you, here are the most popular Palace of Versailles tickets and tours available. 

  • Unsere Empfehlung
    Schloss Versailles Ticket mit Garten

    Palace of Versailles & Gardens

    • From $ 34.78
    • Admission to the Palace of Versailles (including the Palace, House of Marie Antoinette, Trianon and the Gardens of Versailles)
    • Admission to the Music Gardens and Fountain Show (optional)
    • Includes an audio guide (available in 11 languages)

    The ideal option for history and culture enthusiasts, this ticket allows you to spend an entire day exploring the Palace of Versailles and its gardens! Admire the grandeur of the palace within its magnificent Hall of Mirrors, or find a moment of seclusion amongst the fountains, sculptures, and lawns of its gardens. Why not discover the hidden secrets of the Grand Trianon or imagine life as Marie Antoinette in the Petit Trianon or Hameau de la Reine? There’s no need to do your research before you arrive, as an audio guide will teach you everything you need to know! 

    If you’re looking for something extra special, extend your visit with a two-day Palace of Versailles & Gardens ticket or admission to the Music Gardens and Fountain Show.

  • Schloss Versailles Ticket mit Führung

    Palace of Versailles & Gardens with a guided tour

    • From $ 68.47, Duration: 1.5 hours–135 minutes
    • Admission to the Palace of Versailles (including the Gardens of Versailles)
    • Guided Palace of Versailles tour (including the Gardens of Versailles) 

    If you’re interested in learning as much as you can about the Palace of Versailles, we have the tour for you! Embark upon a 90-minute journey where you’ll soak up every detail of the Palace of Versailles, and listen to the stories of this amazing landmark from our passionate guides. Next, you’ll explore the Gardens of Versailles with a relaxed 45-minute guided tour – and trust us, you won’t want to leave!  A haven epitomizing 17th-century French landscaping, these stunning gardens offer rare tree varieties, majestic statues, spectacular fountains, and much more. 

  • Schloss Versailles Ticket mit Transfer

    Palace of Versailles & Gardens incl. transfer

    • From $ 103.25, Duration: 4 hours
    • Admission to the Palace of Versailles (including the Palace, House of Marie Antoinette, Trianon and the Gardens of Versailles)
    • Admission to the Music Gardens or the Fountain Show
    • Bus transfer from Paris
    • Includes an audio guide (available in 11 languages)

    The last thing you want to do on your Parisian break is get lost trying to find the Palace of Versailles – so why not let us take care of your transport? With our inclusive transfer tickets, air-conditioned busses, and helpful tour guides, you’ll travel in luxury – just like French royalty! Once you’ve arrived at the Palace of Versailles, you can enjoy a self-guided tour complete with an informative audio guide. This ticket option includes admission to many of the palace’s greatest sights, including the Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, and the House of Marie Antoinette. For an extra-special visit, you can even extend your ticket to access the Music Gardens and Water Games. We guarantee they’re worth it!

  • Kombi-Ticket
    Schloss Versailles Ticket mit Fahrradtour

    Palace of Versailles & Gardens incl. transfer & bike tour

    • from 109 Euro, duration: 6 hours
    • Admission to the Palace of Versailles (including the Palace, House of Marie Antoinette, Trianon and the Gardens of Versailles)
    • Train transfer from Paris
    • Bike rental & a picnic in the park

    Planning a romantic trip to the Palace of Versailles? Hoping to experience the true luxury of this stunning landmark? Dreaming of a trip packed full of French culture and cuisine? This is the ticket for you! Your tour will start in Paris, where one of our guides will accompany you to the Palace of Versailles by train. You’ll then be taken to the local village to purchase your favorite French specialties for a cozy picnic – such as baguettes, cheese, sausage, croissants, and wine! Next, it’s time to visit the Palace of Versailles, where you’ll admire the architecture, explore the gardens by bike, and enjoy an unforgettable feast next to the Grand Canal. We can’t think of anything better!

  • Kombi-Ticket
    Schloss Versailles Kombiticket

    Combined ticket: Versailles, Eiffel Tower & Arc de Triomphe

    • from 99 Euro, duration: 5 hours
    • Admission to the Palace of Versailles
    • Access to the Eiffel Tower (2nd and top levels) with a guide
    • Access to the Arc de Triomphe

    Experience more, pay less. With our combined Palace of Versailles ticket, you’ll also have access to the iconic Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe – for a fraction of the price! Why not treat yourself to some delicious macarons with the money you save?

    You’ll start the day with panoramic views from the top of the Eiffel Tower, with the chance to ask your guide any questions you may have. Following this, your tour will continue at the famous Arc de Triomphe, with the option to explore the monument and accompanying museum at your own pace. Don’t forget to check out the breathtaking views of Paris – including the Eiffel Tower – from the Arc de Triomphe’s terrace! Last but not least, you’ll visit the Palace of Versailles with its magnificent interiors and Hall of Mirrors. This ticket promises a day of wonderful memories! 

What awaits you at the Palace of Versailles

You could spend weeks marveling at the beauty of the Palace of Versailles! To help you make the most of your Palace of Versailles tour, we’ve summarised the highlights. 

The Hall of Mirrors

The Hall of Mirrors is the largest and most impressive room of the Palace of Versailles. There are 357 mirrors facing the room’s arched windows, creating beautiful reflections that illuminate the space. Among many other historical events, this room saw the Versailles Peace Treaty signed in June 1919. 

The Royal Chapel

The Royal Chapel is considered one of the most famous and architecturally valuable chapels of Versailles.  It was the chosen chapel for many court events during the French Revolution, and later the wedding venue of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Today, the chapel often holds classical concerts!

The Clock Room

Passionate about astronomy, Louis XVI built his own clock room. The 250-year-old clock within still amazes historians and tourists today! It displays the time, date, and phase of the moon, and also demonstrates a working model of our solar system. 

Grand Appartement du Roi

The king’s great chamber - that is, his bedroom - was located at the heart of his residence. The room’s pompous furnishings offer a sneak peek into how royalty once lived!

Gardens of Versailles

The palace’s grounds are a gorgeous place to enjoy a romantic walk and picnic, with lush green lawns, landscaped flower beds, elaborate sculptures, and impressive fountains. The gardens are too expansive to explore on foot, so we recommend booking a bicycle tour

Pleasure Castles

Louis XVI commissioned the building of several pleasure palaces within the grounds of the Palace of Versailles, including the Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon. His lover, Marie Antoinette, often visited the palaces to enjoy some time alone.  

House of Marie Antoinette

The House of Marie Antoinette - also called Hameau de la Reine - is a rural village in the park of Versailles. Here, you’ll breathe in clean air, find quaint houses with thatched roofs, and meet a herd of dairy cows! 

Facts & figures about the Palace of Versailles

  • There are 2,300 rooms in the Palace of Versailles
  • With a total area of over 721 square meters, the Palace of Versailles is the largest in the world
  • There are 350,000 trees, 60,000 works (including sculptures and paintings) and more than 600 water features throughout the site
  • It cost approximately €100 million to build
  • 6,000 horses were used for the construction
  • A total of 36,000 people worked on the site
  • Thousands of workers died of swamp fever during construction
  • Most of the castle was built between 1662 - 1689.
Schloss Versailles Garten

The history of the Palace of Versailles

Versailles was once a small village with a dilapidated castle, but it was transformed into King Louis XIII’s hunting lodge by Philibert Le Roy, a talented French builder. After he died, the castle was passed onto his son, Ludwig XVI, and rebuilt again in 1661.  This time, Louis Le Vau, François II d'Orbay, Jules Hardouin-Mansart, Robert de Cotte, Charles Lebrun and André Le Nôtre were responsible for its beauty!

As King Louis XVI was a megalomaniac, construction of the castle only finished in the late 18th century – well after he died. Today, the castle is admired by people around the world as a museum and is considered to be a real, fairytale palace. Interestingly, the name “Versailles” comes from “versare”, which means to turn around!

The French Revolution saw the end of life in the Palace of Versailles, but it continued to make history long after it became uninhabited. In January 1871, Prussian King William has announced German Emperor in the Hall of Mirrors, and at the end of the First World War in June 1919, the Versailles Peace Treaty was signed. 

Opening Hours and Directions

Opening Hours

9:00 - 17:30
9:00 - 17:30
9:00 - 17:30
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9:00 - 17:30

May vary on public holidays/festivals.


Arriving from Paris by train
From Musée d'Orsay, the RER C train will take you to the Palace of Versailles in about 30 minutes. From Montparnasse station, the TER train will take about 15 minutes.

Place d'Armes, 78000 Versailles, France


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