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When you visit London, consider taking a trip to the Salisbury plains and experience the ancient wonders at Stonehenge. This mesmerizing Stonehenge tour is guaranteed to give you value for your money, and an opportunity to learn about new cultures, as well as, sightsee. There are different types of Stonehenge Tickets available.
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A safe journey despite COVID-19

With us, you can visit Stonehenge safely despite COVID-19. Secure your tickets now in advance through our ticket partner GetYourGuide and benefit from many advantages during COVID-19:

  • Free cancellation (up to 24 hours in advance)
  • Faster access: Skip the long queues and avoid crowds
  • A limited number of visitors
  • Enhanced cleaning and new hygiene concepts on-site
  • 24/7 international customer service


Stonehenge Tickets
Stonehenge in Salisbury. Image © / Freesally

The Most popular Stonehenge Tickets

Three main Stonehenge Tickets allow you to visit the archaeological site. For all instances, both print and mobile vouchers are accepted. There is the Stonehenge entry ticket that admits timed Stonehenge tickets. You can book a Stonehenge and Bath tour from London online and have guaranteed participation. You can also go with the Stonehenge and Bath Tour Incl Transfer that allows you to explore Bath city aside from visiting Stonehenge.

Last but not least, Stonehenge entry and transfer from London ensures you have guaranteed transportation to and from Stonehenge. This tour has a fascinating audio-guide tour of the archaeological site with the award-winning UNESCO World Heritage status. Furthermore, for all Stonehenge Ticket options, you can cancel 24-hours in advance and get a full refund.

Stonehenge Entry Ticket

  • World-class visitor center exhibitions
  • Stonehenge admissions
  • Available packing on-site for ticket holders

It is advisable to make an advanced online booking so that you are guaranteed participation. The Stonehenge entry ticket allows you to experience the museum-quality exhibits. There is also an onsite café that ensures you enjoy this mind-boggling experience on a full stomach. Booking online will enable you to enjoy hassle-free ticket purchases with instant confirmations. Furthermore, don’t miss the chance to learn about the mystery surrounding Stonehenge and experience the newly constructed Neolithic houses. The timed Stonehenge Tickets give you the opportunity to view the famous prehistoric monument, and there is even free parking for individuals who opt for an independent visit.
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Stonehenge Entry and Transfer From London

  • Return coach
  • Entry fees
  • Fascinating audio-guide Stonehenge tour

With express coach service, you can enjoy the trip to knowing your Stonehenge tour from London is also catered for. The London to Stonehenge transfer service offers a half-day visit to Stonehenge, and you get a map translated into ten languages. The trip through Salisbury plain is guaranteed to be delightful and engaging. Get to visit the magical site believed to have been a pagan worshipping place. The bus leaves London at 8.30 AM, and the trip takes two hours, give or take. The luxury coach guarantees a comfortable trip and the two hours thirty minutes tour will answer all questions you might have about Stonehenge.
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Stonehenge and Bath Tour Incl Transfer

  • Full-day luxury coach tour
  • Free time in the city of Bath
  • Service of a tour manager

Aside from visiting Stonehenge, this transfer service also explores Bath on your own, one of the romantic cities in England. You get to stroll the streets of Bath and experience the Georgian architecture in the city. This is a one day tour that allows you to explore Stonehenge with the help of a friendly tour manager. The two-hour journey is delightful, and once it is done, the coach drops you off at Bath’s city center. There are many landmarks and tourist attractions you can enjoy in Bath before you catch your flight back. You get to experience a different culture and sightsee throughout your visit.
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FAQ – Additional Information on Stonehenge Tickets

Should I Buy a Stonehenge Ticket Online?

Yes. Buying a Stonehenge ticket online is hassle-free, and you get to enjoy the bests prices. There are no hidden charges, and you are guaranteed to participate. Timed Stonehenge tickets that get commissioned require advanced booking. Otherwise, you risk losing the opportunity to enjoy the Stonehenge tour from London.
Buy your ticket online for guaranteed entry rather than depending on walk-up Stonehenge tickets that usually get snatched up quickly. Visit the Stonehenge website and get your ticket, so you know how to go about booking a ticket for the Stonehenge tour from London.

You could keep an eye on how fast the Stonehenge tickets are decreasing and decide when to book yours. For the Stonehenge tour from London, both print and mobile vouchers are accepted.

Are there Stonehenge Buses from London?

Yes. There are many affordable and delightful trip options to choose from when you are planning for a Stonehenge tour from London. The tour buses take tour hours to get to Stonehenge after which you enjoy two to three hours of exploring and learning with the guidance of a friendly tour manager.

A Stonehenge day trip from London is a comfortable ride that allows you to sightsee. The full-day luxury coach will drive you to and from Stonehenge, but you can also choose an independent Stonehenge to London tour. Stonehenge is about 90 miles West of central London, and the London-Stonehenge route hardly experiences traffic snarl-up.

How Much is the Stonehenge Entry Fee Without the Trip?

The castle’s entry fee is about €20, and with that, you can explore the mysterious monument. You get a friendly tour manager who is open to answer any questions you might have. The Stonehenge tour guarantees a memorable personalized experience. The tour buses’ schedules are flexible to ensure you are not left behind.

Is it Worth it Visiting Stonehenge?

Yes. Stonehenge is a magical place with many mysteries that make it a fascinating place to visit. You get to experience the extraordinary site and take in the stones’ eerie symmetry. Stonehenge tours are very comfortable, and the tour managers are friendly.
Stonehenge’s unique design as a result of the high level of precision during construction is mind-boggling especially because it was bound in an era without advanced technologies. This ethereal experience is worth every penny you spend. The stones are indisputably aligned to the solstice and witnessing this is life-changing.

Can I Eat at Stonehenge?

Even though the café at Stonehenge gets really crowded sometimes, at least you get to enjoy the Stonehenge tour on a full stomach. You can enjoy the beautiful view while eating at the café or choose to eat someplace else. This light and airy café are guaranteed to cater to your needs.

How Can I Come From London to Stonehenge?

You can buy a Stonehenge Ticket and enjoy the transfer services. These fast and affordable Stonehenge tours give you the opportunity to visit the magical stone circle. Ensure you go for Stonehenge only tours, so you get a trip back to London. Stonehenge and Bath tours enable you to explore Bath once you get from Stonehenge.
While you are in London, you can combine Stonehenge and other attraction sites, so you have an enriching tour experience. There is a wide range of Stonehenge tours to ensure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn new interesting facts and theories.

Stonehenge Tickets
Reconstructed Neolithic houses at Stonehenge. Image ©

Stonehenge – Britain’s most popular prehistoric monument

The Stonehenge was built during an ancient civilization with roughly rectangular stones. Wiltshire, England is the home to the magical circular stones, and however there is no written record left documenting the construction, there are a couple of theories that attempt to explain the phenomenon.

The theories are based on the few clues that archaeologists and historians found during their investigation. Aside from the mystery surrounding Stonehenge’s constructions, people also speculate on how the stones were transported to the construction site.
The unique constriction was done by foreign stones dabbed the bluestones because their insides are spotted with dolerite and are blue when broken. These unique stones are said to be foreign as they are native to Salisbury plain. The source of these stones is believed to be Preseli hills which are located in Southwest Whales.

Archaeologists came with different theories that tried to explain how the stones were transported to Salisbury Plain. Some of these theories include;

  • Human effort
  • The stones floated across water bodies
  • Dragged across dry land
  • Natural deposition due to glacial action

The theory that makes the most sense was human transportation since it is unlikely for the area to experience glacial action and the stone’s density does not support the assumption that they floated through water bodies. Another mystery that remains unsolved is why the ancient ancestors chose to transport stones for construction rather than use what was readily available.

Construction Stages

The Stonehenge was built in three main stages with the first one being the earthquake structure, which was a circular ditch surrounded by a bank. This was about 5,000 years ago, and the structure is known as the early henge monument. The second stage was in the late Neolithic period where a unique stone circle was constructed. The last stage was in the Early Bronze period and in this stage, burial mounds were constructed for the elite a stone throw distance from the stone circle.

Today Stonehenge and Avebury are the heart of a world heritage site. The unique construction and the mystery surround this heritage site are its main attractive features. The theories for why the Stonehenge was constructed the way it was included;

  • It was built as a burial ground for the elite, and there are bone fragments found on-site to support this theory
  • Built as a pillar of healing as there are healing properties found on site
  • Built to be a soundscape due to the voice cancellation effect of the stone circle
  • It was built as a celestial observatory since, in the winter solstice, the suns rays are the axes of the stone circle
  • As a result of a team-building experience as the Neolithic people were known to have a united spirit.

Is the Stonehenge Tour and Its Tickets Worth Its Costs?

Stonehenge is an archaeological site that allows you to experience a world of magic. Stonehenge tickets and tours are affordable, and the trip is delightful!
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