The best London Attractions to explore the city

London has plenty of exciting landmarks and attractions that you should consider visiting whether you are visiting for the first time or attending a special event. Continue reading to find out about some of the most popular London Attractions and free things to do in London.
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The best Attractions in London

London Attractions
Discover a city full of beautiful landmarks and exciting attractions. ©

Tickets to See London Attractions

Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio

This magical tour gives you the chance to visit the Warner Brothers Studio. You can go behind the scenes of the Harry Potter film for a chance to get a close look at the costumes and props. It helps you understand the characters better.
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Tower of London

This ticket gives you the chance to visit the popular Tower of London which has been a palace, fortress, prison, and a palace. It has always been an important part of London’s history. At the Tower Green, you can see the location where any executions took place.
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London Eye
Visit one of the world’s tallest observation wheels. ©

London Eye

This captivating trip is suitable for both children and adults. It is one of the tallest observation wheels in the world and can, therefore, give you the most amazing 40 minutes of your life. Get into your high-tech capsule and enjoy the thrill as you feel yourself rise to enjoy amazing views including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and Houses of Parliament.
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Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus Tour

This tour gives you the opportunity to see some of the top London Attractions. Hop on The Original London Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Bus Tour and make stops by the London Eye, Tower of London, River Thames, and more. You can get free walking tours and a Thames River Cruise pass. The tour may last 24 to 72 hours.
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Tower Bridge
Explore the famous Tower Bridge from the inside and step on the glass floor. ©

Tower Bridge

Visit the most popular bridge in the world and make some amazing memories. Explore the beautiful walkways and enjoy some beautiful views of the city. It gives you the chance to enjoy themes of the Thames and to get into the famous bascule bridges.
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Madame Tussauds London

A visit to the Madame Tussauds London gives you the chance to enjoy amazing experiences like Star Wars and The Voice. It is, therefore, a chance for you to meet some famous people. In addition, you get to enjoy some time with the wax figures of your favorite celebrities.
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The Shard
Enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view of the city from the Shard. ©

The View from the Shard

If you want to have an amazing view of London streets, this is the perfect tour for you. The 72-story landmark mark gives you a 360-degree view of the city and everything in it. It is the highest viewing platform in Europe.
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London River Thames Cruise

Take a cruise down the River Thames and enjoy some of the most scenic attractions in the city while enjoying a 2-course dinner with a tasty beverage. Enjoy a view of the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. The duration of the tour is 1.45 hours. It has panoramic windows which allow you to see the London Attractions.
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Free Things to do in London

London may be a fabulous city but you don’t need to spend a fortune to have some fun.

  • You can get into any museum free of charge.
  • There are street food markets (e.g. Borough Market, Camden Market, Maltby Street Market).
  • Discover the city with a free guided strawberry-tour.
  • Visit the beautiful parks including the Barbican Conservatory, Kyoto Japanese Garden in Holland Park, and Hyde Park. The Hyde Park is best known for the cute squirrels.
  • If you like flowers, visit the Columbia Road Flower Market.
  • As an Art-Lover consider visiting the Guildhall Art Gallery or White Cube Gallery Bermondsey.
  • If you are a music fan, consider visiting the free live music venues including the Royal College of Music and the prestigious Royal Academy of Music.
  • Visit the amazing pubs and cafes in Little Venice.


Squirrel London Parks
See adorable squirrels at the Hyde Park. ©

Insider Tips

Sky Garden

Book your free ticket to Sky Garden and enjoy some of the most amazing views of the city on any day. The popular glass some of 20 Fenchurch Street has three stories of which feature beautiful public gardens and some of the most amazing social spaces. It gives you 360-degree views of some of the most amazing scenes in London.
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Comedy Horror Show: London Ghost Bus Tour

This tour gives you 75 minutes of spooky fun on a Ghost Bus. Your conductor will take you through some of the scariest views in the town and tell you some scary stories about the history of London. There are some scary actors on board to make your experience scarier.
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Save Time & Money with the London City Pass

City pass lets you pick different  London Attractions and sights for your trip. It is a perfect choice if you are hoping to save some time and money. With the London pass, you can access up to 80 different attractions including tours and museums.
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Tours From London

Warwick Castle, Stratford, Oxford & Cotswolds Day Trip

This 12-hour tour is your perfect chance to explore Oxford. You get to see the birthplace of William Shakespeare, his guildhall, and his schoolroom. You also get to enjoy fast-track entry into the Warwick Castle. This trip gives you a chance to experience Britain’s past.
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Stonehenge Tickets
Stonehenge Image © / Freesally

Stonehenge and Bath Full-Day Tour

This tour gives you the chance to explore some of the most amazing monuments and romantic cities in England. A tour to the Stonehenge and Bath is fun and relaxing. Enjoy the thermal baths that were built over 2000 years ago and explore the amazing stone circle of Stonehenge.
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Harry Potter Studio Tour & Oxford Day Tour

Leave London and enjoy a beautiful day at the Warner Bros. Studio. The trip includes a guided walk in Oxford and a full day of fun on The Making of Harry Potter trip. The tour starts in London and goes on for two hours until you reach Oxford. With the walking tour, you get to see famous college buildings, cobblestone squares, and more.
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Interesting Facts about London

London is an amazing town with plenty of amazing facts. It is brimming with art, culture, and landmarks. There are plenty of free London attractions. Tickets make your London sightseeing trip more convenient. Some interesting facts about London include the following;

  • The Romans were the first people to live in London
  • The city wasn’t always called London. Before it was called Londonium, Ludenburg, and Ludenwic.
  • It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament.
  • London is one of the richest cities in the world with over 70 billionaires.


Basic Facts About London

When visiting London museums, it is common etiquette to leave a donation. In restaurants, remember to tip 10% – 15 %. The official language of communication is English. If you want to see some of the most popular attractions, consider visiting in summer.

London Sightseeing in the Rain

Even though it doesn’t rain much in London, it does every once in a while and there are plenty of activities to enjoy. The following are some of the things to do.

Natural History Museum

This museum is home to the popular dinosaur Dippy. There are plenty of interesting exhibits and you will learn a lot about evolution.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of London’s landmarks. It is one of the most interesting places to visit when it is raining. A trip to the cathedral will give you the chance to learn about its history. You can explore the crypt and galleries.

Indoor Play Area

If you have kids, consider visiting an indoor play area where they can enjoy plenty of fun activities. There are plenty of indoor play areas in the city. You can sit back and enjoy a drink as the children have fun.

St Paul's Cathedral
Walk on the Millennium Bridge, which leads directly to St Paul’s Cathedral. ©

Explore London in only a few days

1 day in London

London is a very big city. If you are visiting for only one day, you may be unable to see all of them. The following are the must-sees for your one day visit.

  • Go shopping in the markets or malls
  • Visit the Museum of London
  • Eat and drink out
  • Take a boat trip along the Thames


2 days in London

Two days is enough time to fall in love with London. If you are visiting for two days, consider the following activities.

  • Visit Tower Bridge
  • Get a free walking tour (e.g. with Strawberry Tours)
  • Visit a local café for an afternoon tea
  • Enjoy a British food tour


3 days in London

If you have three days in London, there are plenty of activities that you can do with your time. They include the following

  • Wander along Oxford Street
  • Visit the London Eye
  • Explore the history and culture of London by visiting the art galleries and museums
  • See the Sky garden

The best London Attractions

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