Dubai Aquarium Tickets – the definite guide for visiting the cool blue

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Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Ticket
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Dubai’s Aquarium – an attraction for everybody

Since 2008, Dubai’s visitors are able to visit the Dubai Aquarium, which is located in the Dubai Mall. The Aquarium contains about 33.000 marine animals, fishes, sharks of multiple species, rays and much more other animals. The animals swim in original Gulf of Persia water. The aquarium consists of multiple aquariums – in other aquariums, you can find crocodiles, seals as well as penguins. Book your Dubai Aquarium ticket today!

The Underwater Zoo in short

  • 33.000+ different marine animals like fishes, sharks, rays, etc.
  • Day/Night-light simulation for the sea dwellers
  • Very affordable entrance tickets for a memorable experience
  • Best to visit in combination with a shopping trip to the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa (see information below)

Are the Dubai Aquarium Tickets worth their price?

You may wonder, why you have to pay for the aquarium because you have heard of the fact, that it is for free? Well, there is the possibility to get a view into the aquarium from the public area of the Dubai Mall. But the Dubai Aquarium tickets gave you the permission to visit the whole three-story building.

Please note: the Dubai Aquarium is famous for its glass tunnel and underwater zoo that goes straight through the aquarium. You can only enter the tunnel by purchasing an entrance ticket for the Dubai Aquarium.

Just one last hint for a perfect Dubai Underwater Zoo Experience:

We would recommend buying a combo-ticket for the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Aquarium or a Hop-On-Hop-Off-Ticket with free access to Dubai’s underwater zoo.

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